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Old West Antiques

Below is a list of items customers are looking for. They are ready to buy so if you are ready to sell email us with a description, including condition and a photograph or two:

- Antique Wells Fargo Clock
- Arizona "spooner" catalog 
- Bell Fruit Gum Slot Machine Dice
- Books on Small Arms Ammunition & Ballistics
- Buffalo Knife set (3)
- Bull Bros Saloon Token, San Antonio, TX
- Cognac Dice 
- Colt Screwdriver Fob
- DeLand Trick Cards 
- Doc Holliday Cup with Handle
- Dudley Masonic Pocket Watches
- Early American Handcuffs & Leg Irons
- Fels Shot Glasses & Whiskey Bottles
- Folding Faro Layout
- French Ivory Dice in Coffin Case
- Hart's Faro Playing Cards
- HC Evans Bookmakers Table
- Items from Stars and Stripes Special Brew
- Items from Willow Springs Brewery, Omaha NE
- Pasteborad Playing Cards (No Repros)
- Push Dagger
- Saloon Nude
- Scottie Dog Poker Chips
- Shot Glasses from Missouri
- Swastika Poker Chips
- Trade Token from Minnesota
- Wells Fargo items


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